Tradition Meets Innovation

September 14, 2012

Strategic Plan 2020 is blueprint for excellence

Dr. Graham speaks at a Strategic Plan 2020 forum in Jackson County.

Dr. Graham speaks at a Strategic Plan 2020 forum in Jackson County.

Preparation for Strategic Plan 2020 began during fall 2011 with a series of local forums where community and business leaders were invited to discuss the college’s future with Gulf Coast employees, Board of Trustees members and alumni.  During the forums, complex issues were discussed that related to the educational levels desired and needed in the four-county district and the economic development of the region, state and nation.

Several areas that offered both challenges and opportunities were identified.  These included commitments to teaching and learning and student success, promoting community engagement and partnerships, and fostering a culture of innovation.  These goals will be reached in a variety of ways using assessments that ensure student satisfaction and opportunities for success.  They include using the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) early in the fall semester to find out specific information about admissions, registration, placement, orientation and financial aid, and an assessment of student and employee satisfaction through the use of the Noel-Levitz surveys.

Strategic Plan 2020 represents a shared vision among the stakeholders of the college, with specific findings from research, best practices from community colleges across the nation, and guiding economic and educational trends. The outcomes and plan measures will provide an extensive impact of the college on the surrounding community and region that will exceed local and national standards of excellence.

This Strategic Plan provides a vision for 2020 that will rank Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College among the most effective community colleges in the nation.

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