Mac is back!

January 29, 2013

Mac the bulldog

Welcome, Mac II! This new Mac is ready and able to step into some big paw prints.

“He is just a great-natured guy, considering his youth,” says Dr. Warren Martin, the veterinarian who assisted with the selection of Mac.  “No matter how many people are around, he remains social and curious.  He is winning hearts everywhere he goes. Those are just great qualities for a mascot.”

Martin and his wife, Malena, own the Animal Care Clinic in Wiggins. They are partnering with the college to provide care for Mac.

Martin, an alumnus of MGCCC, says the selection process for the puppy included interviewing and checking the breeder’s references and facilities, and performing a thorough health check on Mac several times.  “Bulldogs usually only live seven to 10 years, so you want him to be as healthy as possible and able to live a full life,” he says.

South Mississippi McDonald’s franchisee Gregg Descher, along with the support of the Bulldog Club, made it possible to purchase Mac. “We just really love animals and always enjoy helping provide a mascot for the college,” says Descher, son of MGCCC Board of Trustees member Pat Descher.  “It is wonderful that we have found a puppy with such a great personality.  He will be easy for students and fans to relate to and enjoy seeing at games.”  The Deschers also helped the college purchase the previous Mac in 2001.

Ladd Taylor, MGCCC dean of Athletics, says having a real bulldog as a mascot is important to the college.  “What has made it work is having the tremendous support of not only the Bulldog Club but wonderful supporters like the Deschers.”

He adds, “People just love seeing animals, especially one as cute as this guy.”

Fans have seen Mac at MGCCC sporting events this spring, on Facebook, in advertisements for the college and around campus.

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