MGCCC kicks off the Biggest Loser on Campus competitions

January 29, 2013

Biggest LoserAlmost 150 employees at MGCCC campuses and centers are participating in the Spring 2013 Biggest Loser On Campus competition, which will last for three months (February, March and April). Each month the competition will start over, providing employees three opportunities to become the biggest loser on the campus for that month, either individually or in their department.  Additionally, campuses will be competing against each other in the overall competition, with overall winners announced in April.

The idea of the contest is to help employees become more healthy, so healthy eating habits and exercise are encouraged.  The weight that is lost each month will be calculated by percentage of an individual’s starting weight to compare against other participants.

Initial weigh-ins at the Jackson County and Jefferson Davis campuses and the George County Center were done January 30-31.  The Perkinston Campus held its weigh-in January 23-24.

Nutrition and exercise advice, stress-management techniques, fellowship, and support will be offered at each competing campus and center during the three months.  Exercise activities will also be offered free of charge.

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