Perk Players present “Getting Sara Married”

October 29, 2013

From left are Kenny Myrick, Lauren Roosa-Wise, Rick Lo Piccolo, Sarabeth Rogers, Daniel Vernon and Hope Jacquet.

The Perkinston Players presented “Getting Sara Married,” a romantic comedy by Sam Brobrick, Oct. 29-31, in Malone Hall Auditorium at the Perkinston Campus.

The cast for the play included Sarahbeth Rogers as Sara Hastings, Rick Lo Piccolo as Brandon Cates, Daniel Vernon as Noogie, Lauren Roosa-Wise as Aunt Martha, Hope Jacquet as Heather Boyd and Kenny Myrick as Dr. I.M. Needles.

The director was Robert M. Barrett Sr., and the assistant director was Brinson Smith. Set design was by Robert M. Barrett Sr. The crew included Leif Henley, stage manager; Robert M. Barrett Sr., Sarahbeth Rogers, Alexis Battaglio, Brinson Smith, Leif Henley and Hailey Quave, set construction; Robert M. Barrett Sr., light design; Cory Brown, lights; Cory Brown and Abishia Slaton, sound; Alexis Battaglio, crew chief; and John Robinson, and Ana Denham, properties; Ruthie Causey-Rogers, crew chief; Christina Loew, costumes; Abishia Slaton, crew chief; and Conner Byrd, Danielle Richard, Caitlin Nash and Tamara Gray, running.

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