No tuition increase at MGCCC

June 20, 2013

Students at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College will not see a tuition increase during the 2013-2014 school year.   This is the second year in a row that the MGCCC Board of Trustees has chosen not to increase tuition, despite a challenging economic climate. Consequently, the costs for full-time and part-time tuition in the upcoming year will remain the same as those assessed two years ago during the 2011-2012 academic year. MGCCC is one of only four community colleges in the state with no tuition increases this year.

“As state appropriations, enrollment and county millage have remained consistent and several cost-saving measures have resulted in a positive financial position, the Board of Trustees was pleased to adopt the new budget with no tuition increase,” said David Ford, MGCCC Board president. “The college has maintained a stable enrollment and looks forward to another successful year in serving the residents of the four-county district.”

MGCCC president Dr. Mary S. Graham explained that the Board of Trustees continues to be sensitive to the state of the economy.  “The MGCCC administration is aware that many of our students continue to struggle financially,” she said.  “It remains our top priority to offer opportunities for individuals in our four-county district to get a college degree and obtain the necessary workforce skills to compete successfully. If we can ease some of their burden by keeping tuition costs low, it may enable them to complete their education.”

Registration for second-term summer classes will be held June 28.  Classes begin July 1.  Registration for fall classes is August 19-20, and classes begin August 21.

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